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My system for moving around the game world (which is about ⅓ of the game) is obtuse and bad. The more I use it the more glaring the problems become. It is set up so that the button that controls navigation moves the player to another room in the "direction" they choose, but the whole game you are "facing" only one direction. The problem is that sometimes the direction you are "facing" changes (why did I do this lmao?). It is not clear when this happens. In one instance if the player wants to travel through a path they would have to be using the "go backwards" button even though this would be taking them places they have never been to. In another location if you press the "go backwards" button it would take you to another place where the "go backwards" button would take you back to the previous place, so going backwards will just loop you between two rooms. That is some confusing and inaccessible garbage lol.

I have a solution. I call it halls and walls. I'm reversing my original system, which turns it into something much more intuitive and conventional. Each room will be 4 times the length. The user will be able to turn left, right, or around, leading them to face north, east, south, or west, which corresponds to 1 of the 4 sections of the room. There will be only one movement, which is forward, and you will travel forward in the direction you are facing.

Some directions will offer no place to go. I decided it would be good and funny to make this very discreet in the interface. For each direction in each room there corresponds two symbols.

One is a wall, meaning you can't move forward. (When facing walls your movement button will be dithered and unusable, much like me.)

The other is a symbol of a perspective grid (I'm calling it a hall), meaning you can move forward.


I will be creating a separate public trello that contains just the requirements for a demo to be completed (no story spoilers). This includes the main systems and ui that still need work. The requirements to reach a playable demo are fortunately quite difficult and time consuming.

Here's a comprehensive and semi-comprehensible checklist:

  • New Navigation System
  • New Vision Point Investigation System
  • Updated Email UI
  • Finish Memories (World Map / Fast Travel) UI
  • Finish Data Folder (Attachment Storage) UI
  • New Entity/Attachment Interaction Screen
  • Data Folder Equipment UI (does not  have to be useable yet)
  • Inventory UI
  • Passage Gating
  • Entity Analysis and Limited Operations
  • Initialization intro and tutorial integration

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